MLBPA Rejects Delayed MLB Plan for 154-Game 2021 Season with Extended Playoffs

The Major League Baseball Players‘ Association has rejected MLP’s proposal to reduce the 2021 season to 154 games. MLP recently proposed changes and offered to pay players for the regular 162 games in exchange for the extended 2021 postseason.

The union issued the following statement on Monday night:

“Late last week, the MLPBA for the first time received a plan from the MLP to delay spring training and start-up day by almost a month.

Under the plan, the end of the season will be delayed by a week, the regular season will be shortened to 154 games and thirty teams will have to play multiple doubleheaders. Players must accept previously rejected plans, which combine extended playoffs with an extended hitter expansion.

Although the player’s salary will not be paid initially for the 154-game regular season, the MLP’s proposal does not provide salary or service time protection in the event of further delays, interruptions or cancellation of the season.

The MLBBA Board of Directors and Player Leadership reviewed and discussed the owners ’proposal throughout the weekend and today. The obvious result of these discussions is that the players will not accept the MLP’s proposal, but will instead continue the preparations for a timely start to the 2021 season, and accept the MLP’s commitment to re-lead its clubs to a timely start. .

We do not take this decision lightly. In short the players will first know the efforts required to complete the 2020 season, and we appreciate that significant challenges lie ahead. We look forward to the immediate finalization of improved health and safety protocols that will enable players and clubs to meet these challenges. „

The MLP responded with its own statement:

„On the advice of medical professionals, we have proposed a one-month delay for spring training and regular seasons to better protect the health and safety of veterans and support staff. Minimize potential disruptions.

„This opportunity includes starting the regular season on April 29 and playing the 154-game schedule, which will pay players as much as playing in 162 games. We proposed two changes from the 2020 season that were very popular with our fans – only for this season, the modified extended post Season (seven teams per league) and worldwide designated hitter rule.

“This is a good deal that reflects the interests of everyone involved in the sport, including the contract of the players or clubs under the basic contract or a consistent player for pay and service time without affecting any rights by moving the season calendar one month later for health and safety reasons.

„In light of the MLPBA rejecting our proposal and their refusal to face our revised offer this afternoon, we are advancing and advising our clubs to start the spring training and championship season in a timely manner. Agreement on health and safety ethics. Our 2020 season has taught us that the national sport is as important as ever and that there is nothing better than playing ball.The 2020 season was completed by strenuous efforts and sacrifices created by our players, club staff and MLP staff to protect each other.2021 We’re working together again to play another safe and entertaining season. „

According to Ken Rosenthal of The Athlete, Many players believe it was too late in the office to revise the timetable, which partly explains why the union was rejected. Both sides may reconsider the idea of ​​expanded playoffs and the global DH, but according to Rosenthal, the union opposes the idea of ​​expanded playoffs.

David Samson Breaks Recent MLP / MLPBA Negotiations With Nothing Personal With David Samson. Ask below:

This should be noted MLBPA was recently rejected In exchange for the extended post-season they will have a global D.H. The new 154-game season proposal is basically the only offer, with only eight fewer games and a delayed start.

Under the League’s program, Spring Training March 22, According to ESPN’s Buster Olney, And the start date has been changed to April 28th. The The Wall Street JournalJared Diamond adds There would have been 14 teams, not 16, like the 2020 teams in the extended postseason.

MLB’s proposal seems reasonable enough on the surface, although MLBPA gets almost nothing valuable to extended post-season owners. The extended post-season equals several million in additional revenue for MLB. The union is already entitled to full pay for 2021, meaning they will not receive much from the rejected scheme.

Delaying the season makes sense for health and safety reasons, and it comes down to money. MLP wants to play as many games as possible with fans at the stands, and delaying the season will help make it now that vaccine distribution has begun. MLBPA wants full pay regardless of season length.

Spring training camps are scheduled to open in mid-February and the Cactus League and Grapefruit League game will begin on February 27th. The regular season opener is scheduled for April 1st. Both sides now hear this, to the table they are sticking to.


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